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About us

CSCT – the UK’s Premier Supplier of Counselling Training Materials

CSCT has been dedicated to the provision of the highest quality training for counsellors and those wishing to develop their people skills for over 40 years.

A Unique Provider

Counselling training is one of the fastest growing areas of vocational and part-time study in the UK. Our courses attract not just those interested in becoming a counsellor. Individuals from many other walks of life study with us for their own personal reasons. Many simply have a strong personal interest in acquiring some counselling skills; others undertake our courses to enhance their inter-personal skills and their general potential at work. CSCT provides a range of courses specifically to cover every level of interest. Full details of all the courses are contained in the ‘Courses’ section.

CSCT courses are available throughout the UK via a comprehensive network of FE Colleges and private providers.


CSCT has a proven track record of creating, administering and supporting counselling training courses. Our highly experienced team of academic experts produce fully comprehensive tutor and trainee materials written to a given awarding body’s specifications. We are committed to providing high quality training programmes that reflect current thinking and research in the field and meet the changing needs of the counselling profession. Our materials give tutors and trainees the confidence and
peace of mind that awarding body requirements can be fulfilled through timed sessions, individual and group exercises, topics for further discussion, points for reflection and discussion, and tutor evaluation questions.

We also have available a range of non-RQF CSCT courses (including CSCT Introduction to Counselling) that are available with a CSCT certification.
Funding for non-RQF courses is at the discretion of local Learning and Skills Councils.