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Breakdown of Study Hours

These are all the “Breakdown of Study hours” (BoSH) that are available for CSCT courses offered between 1987and 2002 No other information about the delivery of the course, topic material, assessment methods or tutor details are available for those courses. Course graduates are advised to consult their own records for such information.

The breakdown of study hours information indicates the total number of tutor contact hours for that year, and the division of hours between theory, skills and other course activities.
The BoSH information does not constitute confirmation of attendance or pass, nor is it a certificate of achievement. Only certificates awarded by the awarding body constitute proof of pass or achievement.

Replacement Certificates
If you need replacement certificates, please contact the relevant awarding body:

AQA (formerly AEB)


Please click on the links below to find the break down of study hours for the courses you have studied:

Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling 0907

Advanced Certificate in Counselling Skills and Theory 0918

Certificate in Counselling Skills 0900

Certificate in Counselling Theory 0901

Combined Certificate in Counselling 0904

Diploma in Counselling 905

Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling 919

Foundation Course in Psychotherapy

Full Time Diploma

Intermediate Certificate in Counselling 0914

Specialist Certificate in Counselling Skills