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Counselling Courses with CSCT Counselling Training

Within this section you will find detailed information all CSCT counselling training courses.

General Courses

This section provides you with the necessary information about our courses, the assessment requirements, the level they are matched to and other details.

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Tutor Courses

There are several awarding bodies in the UK offering an array of approved counselling qualifications on levels two, three and four. As you will see, these qualifications often differ widely in such key elements as guided learning hours, assessment method and structure.

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Breakdown of Study Hours

These are all the “Breakdown of Study hours” (BoSH) that are available for CSCT courses offered between 1987and 2002 No other information about the delivery of the course, topic material, assessment methods or tutor details are available for those courses. Course graduates are advised to consult their own records for such information.

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